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Remanufactured manually and automatic
earboxes for almost all brands
with at least 12 month warranty!

Delivery time: about 1 Week

In exchange for the defective Gearbox.
This will be taken on delivery.

Delivery always including Oil for the Gearbox!


Remanufactured Turbochargers for almost
all vehicles with 12 months warranty.

Delivery time: about 3 days

In exchange for the defective Turbocharger.
Return at your own expense.


Always up to date with the latest technology.

Our longtime, reliable and fair
Partner in Injectors!

Why new Injectors, if a repair with 12 months warranty saves a lot of money!


Our suppliers & partners have been put to the test for years and have our complete confidence!
Since our goal is always satisfied customers, we demand a high level of quality to achieve it!