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On this page, we want to introduce ourself:
We are specialize in the overhaul of exclusive engines from 6 cylinders.

With decades of experience and a nine-year history at Ferrari® in the construction of V12 engines,
Željko Plavšic
, technical CEO of Obnova Motorjev is considered a luminary in Europe.

With a volume of approx. 150 engine overhauls of various types per year, experience and specialist knowledge is constantly growing,
which means that even more and more manufacturers ask for advice if their engine overhauls do not produce the desired result.

With a reliable team, a high standard of precision and quality is maintained and before starting the overhaul of an engine,
the cause of the engine failure is precisely verified in order to be able to completely rule out repeated occurrence of engine failure.

Željko Plavšic

Engine Rebuilder & technical CEO

With 17 years of experience at home and abroad, specializing in the overhaul and restoration of all types and types of engines, he is particularly passionate about demanding engines V8, V10 and V12 petrol engines.

Boštjan Pestotnik


With 8 years of experience in engine restoration, he is characterized by his exceptional precision and discipline in engine restoration, his passion for all engine types.

Klemen Hribar


With 4 years of experience in engine overhaul, he is characterized by his extraordinary willingness to learn and his willingness to face new challenges.
He is particularly passionate about gasoline engines.

In a highly structured and organized workshop, there is a separate sector for each engine overhaul station,
where with professional equipment every work step can be carried out extremely precisely and neatly.